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What Are The Career Options After a BAMS Degree?

Scope After Bams

What is the scope after BAMS? A very frequently asked question-

1. By students before taking admission to BAMS (majority of them are those looking for BAMS scope because they didn’t get into their dream course)

2. By students studying BAMS (Asked out of fear! I feel you, guys.)

3. By students doing their internships (Asked out of confusion. I was one of you).

4. Even asked by those who have completed their BAMS and have a degree in their hand! (I have been through this!)

5. By graduates who do not hope to get admission to MD in first attempt. (Been here, too)

6. Going further, it is a question which tortures even a PG student!!

7. And lastly, asked by relatives of BAMS students, by layman and by those who have nothing to do with BAMS but like to poke their noses in other people’s careers.

My BAMS story

After my 12ths, I took admission to BAMS with the notion that after passing out, I am going to do “Mix practice” (Allopathy + Ayurveda combined) and set a successful career after BAMS. Throughout the first 2 years of BAMS, I never bothered to think of anything different. It was in the 3rd year that a fear started creeping in, a realization about Ayurveda, BAMS, etc. I started realizing that setting up a practice immediately after BAMS was not everyone’s cup of tea, and surely not mine. Setting up a medical practice included an initial investment, up to date knowledge, patience and ability to bear the monetary losses throughout the waiting period, courage to do it and I hardly had anything of these back then.

“What is the scope for BAMS in future?”- This question gave me sleepless nights. I started researching for answers of BAMS scope like you all and then slowly, I started knowing the number of career options after BAMS degree.

Today, I know the scope after BAMS degree much better than what I knew in my 3rd grad year. I have been through all those stages of a life of BAMS student and I keep coming to newer avenues even today.

I have compiled the following answer to your nightmare ‘What can I do after a BAMS degree?’

1. MD/MS The most obvious which a graduate of any field thinks of- MD/MS post graduation after BAMS. You need to appear for AIAPGET. Getting a government seat is difficult owing to the large number of students and less number of seats but if you dedicate 1 year of your life to its preparation from your core, it is possible to crack it. After all, who would want to miss Rs.50,000 per month for 3 years plus the experience?!

Next, I will divide this post into 2 parts

1. First part will be the Medical but non-Ayurvedic options after BAMS.
2. Second will be the options related to pure Ayurveda after BAMS.

For the seekers of the 1st option-

1. MPH (Masters in Public Health)- This is an amazing two years course from TISS (Tata Institute of Social Sciences), PHFI (Public Health Foundation of India) with specialization in Social Epidemiology or Health Policy. This opens up government job opportunities in both state and central government sectors for their health programmes. You can see yourself working in different states, for various health schemes, NGOs, and even with WHO some day. The growth opportunities this course has given are immense. This can prove to be one of the lucrative jobs after BAMS.

2. MBA in Hospital Administration or MHA (Master in Hospital Administration) – This is a 2 years course after which you get to work in the administrative department of hospitals. You can also get jobs in Ayurvedic pharma companies. This is a choice for those seeking management or administrative jobs after BAMS.

3. CHO (Community Health Officer)- Every year government opens up this post in such large numbers that almost everybody who applies gets the job. It consists of 6 months training during which you get a pay of 10,000 and after 6 months you are appointed as CHO in the sub-centre according to your choice and vacancy. There, you can expect a salary of 45,000 per month. This post is on yearly contract basis but a prestigious one as you are responsible for the health system of your block. Many have secured these jobs after BAMS.

4. RMO (Resident Medical officer)- RMOship at multiple hospitals during day and night. Night RMOships easily pay you around Rs. 800-1200 per night in metros.

5. GP (General Practice)- You can practice allopathy in whichever states it is allowed. Those who do not have initial investment money or want a regular source of income during the waiting period, generally do RMOship at night, and their own clinic during the day. This way you can find your way through money concerns and set your career after BAMS.

6. Handmade products Do a short course of Handmade products and start making your own handmade herbal soaps, creams etc. This is a booming industry for those who are interested. In fact, there are people who have setup their own brands and made a career after BAMS in this field.

7. PG diploma or degree in Clinical Research- After this you can join as a Junior Research Assistant in a Research centre. Many government ayurvedic research centres and pharmaceutical companies have their own R & D department which have job opportunities. This has got a good scope after BAMS.

8. AYUSH Medical officer- This opportunity rarely comes once in 6–8 years as nobody leaves this position and there are very few posts. The post is filled by Central Government through PSC (Public Service Commission).

9. Do Yoga course (Diploma in Yogic Science) and start imparting Yoga classes. BAMS doctor with Yoga qualification would be definitely preferred by people and can earn you an extra income.

10. Keep doing diploma courses on the side like Medical writing, Pharmacovigilance, etc if doing job is your aim. Medical writers, Pharmacovigilance officers are in demand in pharma companies.

11. Coaching Classes- You can start teaching BAMS subjects or join coaching classes of HSC or SSC to teach Biology.

12. Skin Clinics- There are many courses related to Skin asthetics, Cosmetology, Trichology etc. I have been asked about these options and there are patients going for these treatments too.

Now, let us look at the BAMS scope for those who are into practicing pure Ayurveda-

1. CRAV (Certificate of Rashtriya Ayurveda Vidyapeeth) course. This is for those who want to get practical and pure knowledge of Ayurveda. The course is designed keeping in mind the Guru-Shishya parampara. For this, you will have to give entrance exam of RAV- Rashtriya Ayurveda Vidyapeeth. The syllabus is same as that of AIAPGET. If you get selected, you will be called for an interview. Then you can join a Guru of your choice and learn from him for 1 year. You get a monthly stipend of nearly Rs. 48,000 + the benefit of learning from a teacher of whom everyone just dreams of. It is compulsory to chosoe a Guru who is not near your area of residence. You can choose from a list of Rashtriya Gurus from entire India. Many eminent people from Ayurveda are available as Guru.

2. Visit as a consultant Ayurvedic doctor in evening at an Ayurvedic shop. Many Ayurvedic franchises, shops have opened up and they definitely need a BAMS doctor. This is for those who are just starting out in their BAMS career.

3. Open your own Ayurvedic clinic with only Shaman practice (only medicines).

4. Open your own Ayurvedic clinic with Panchakarma set up.

5. Speciality clinics- Handle particular types of cases, which are difficult to treat by modern medicine and establish your name for those diseases- Like PCOD, height-gain, fractures, ano-rectal, etc. There are so many Vaidyas who have established their name like Vd. Trilok Dhopeshwarkar Sir who specializes in Emergency handling through Ayurveda, Vd. Dilip Gadgil Sir who handles Cancer patients through Ayurveda. It is after vast years of whole and soul dedication to Ayurveda that they have successfully established their names.

6. Manufacturing of Ayurvedic medicines. You can start on a very small scale with Chyawanprash or similar formulations and can expand eventually to Bhasmas, Rasakalpas.

7. Cultivation Cultivation of herbs is in so much demand by ayurvedic practitioners and pharmacies both. Cultivation of endangered herbs like Kutki, Raktachandan, etc is the need of the hour. If you have land, make the best use of this opportunity.

8. Learn a new foreign language like German, French, Spanish if you see yourself practicing or visiting or delivering lectures outside India. Many Ayurvedic doctors are doing this and urging us to come forward. This advice is for those looking for career options after BAMS in abroad.

In conclusion,

The opportunities are endless if we think positively. In fact on reading this article, you might come up with other options which I may not have thought of.

It may be a fact that you have 10 options and your friends from other graduation have 50 options. However, there is no use pondering on why I don’t have those extra 40 options. See to it that you make good use of the 10 opportunities that you have.

The purpose of writing this is to tell all BAMS fellows that do not go with the negativity we all are subjected to. Accept that, you are into this now and you have to sail your ship successfully, irrespective what others say or do.


  1. Deepak Yadav

    Respected doc. I am a student of fourth year in RD memorial college bhopal. I wanted to know about the psc exam that if I am pursuing my bams from mp can I apply for govt posts in Maharashtra. Please let me know about this

    1. Dr Rucha Sawant

      Hi Deepak,
      I read the past recruitment notifications of different state psc. None of them have mentioned in the eligibility criteria that a graduate from another state cannot apply. So, I assume that you can apply in another state.
      You can call on their helpline numbers to confirm whenever you will apply.

      1. Victor

        I’m currently in my final year of BAMS.
        What are the options if I want to completely change my career from medicine especially from Ayurveda, I can’t understand anything about Ayurveda and want to change my career after graduation, Because I don’t want to do something which I don’t like. I agree that there is lot of scope in it but I’m not interested in this field.

    1. Dr Rucha Sawant

      Hi Vivek,

      The CRAV course of Rashtriya Ayurveda Vidyapeeth is a one-year certificate course. An entrance exam is conducted, the eligible students are shortlisted and then called for an interview. The students have to fill a list of preferences of Gurus(teachers) under whom they want to study. The students have to live in the area of their teacher’s clinic for a year and a stipend of approximately Rs. 48,000/month is given by the RAV.
      Coming to the scope, this course is especially beneficial for those who want to set up an Ayurveda practice. This may not be that useful from job point of view. But it is an extremely useful course from knowledge point of view. You get to live in the company of an esteemed Ayurveda professional, they share their vast knowledge with you, you get to work in their clinic. Plus, you get the stipend.

      1. Shubham Agarwal

        Hello mam,
        I have completed my BAMS and want to pursue in research. So can you plz tell me how and name some of the leading institutes? Its really confusing mam. It will be a great help.

  2. Janhvi Turde

    This is just so so so amazing. Also, there is one more course after BAMS which a lot of students turn to nowadays- PGDEMS. It stands for a PG Diploma in Emergency Medical Services. After which one can work in ICUs & TCUs.

    1. Dr Rucha Sawant

      Yeah! I missed it, will add to the post. Thank you for reminding. See, I told at the end of the post that once you get to know few options, you will start thinking of more opportunities.

  3. Mohiri

    Hello mam.
    I neet this year and most probably not getting govt seat for mbbs. I m thinking of bams. But i m confused highly. I m not sure whether i will complete it or not? I m afraid of sanskrit and hindi part and also this is not my first priority, i m not sure whether i can make intrest in this or not while studying ? I can’t decide. Plz can you help me.

    1. Dr Rucha Sawant

      You seem to be quite afraid of the language hurdle. It is one of the problems, everyone faces it but we adjusted somehow. But you seem a little more on the negative side of this course. Is this your first attempt at NEET? Do you feel that you wish to go for another attempt? Relax and think wisely without taking any stress or any peer pressure. You can mail me at [email protected]

    1. Dr Rucha Sawant

      Classes are a must for MD preps.
      Everything in AIAPGET is from textbooks,
      So Charak and Sushrut Samhita entirely has to be read.

      Sushrut samhita I read of author Dr. Anantaram Sharma. The print is easy to read.

      Charak samhita from marathi author Dr. Dole plus class notes.

      The samhitas are ofcourse same, only the print, font differs, it should be such that it is easy and quick to read.

      Dravyagun from Priyavat sharma, Rasashastra from Jha.

      For Sharangdhar samhita, Vagbhat, extra points of bhavprakash, Toxicology, Forensi, Agad, we depended on class notes.

      Paper solving from our class plus online test-series.

      Class notes are important because samhitas are so huge and you need to do point-wise quick reading everytime.

      1. Vineetha patapati

        Hello mam.
        I’m currently in my final year of BAMS thinking about the career opportunities in this field (which one to opt). However, the information that you have given is quite useful. Mam, knowing all these opportunities after completion of your BAMS how did you make up your decision to opt MD? Could you please share your experience on this and if you wouldn’t mind please suggest me.. that would really helpful thank you!

  4. VK

    I am 18 year old, from commerce background, currently in FY B.com. I am uninterested in this field. Took commerce due to lack of guidance after ssc. After reading lot about history, inspired by people like Rajiv Dixit, I’m very motivated to pursue my career in ayurveda, master sanskrit, cure people and contribute to society. I’m forcefully studying commerce, due to parental, peer pressure. Financial condition is poor, very confused. Please Dr Didi, guide me with best advice in this situation. I’m waiting for reply, Thankyou !

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