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Ayurvedic Treatment for Insomnia- the Right Advice

Ayurvedic Treatment for Insomnia

Looking at my grandparents, I always felt that Insomnia was faced by old-aged people. But the age group that I have seen approaching for Ayurvedic medicine for Insomnia has been 24-38-year-old young people most of the times! Medical practice makes me aware of so many unknown things!

Ayurveda says that life stands on 3 pillars; the pillars that are required to sustain life and sleep is one of those 3 pillars.

Each pillar is so important in any construction that slight harm can deteriorate the whole construction. So happens with sleep. The problem is having a good sleep at night affects the following day, a bad day affects the quality of work, and the sequence of unfavorable things go on ascending.

So important is Sleep!

Personally, I sleep the moment I lie on the bed and close my eyes, I did not see this as a blessing until one day a dear friend of mine who has Insomnia had tears in her eyes while she saw me sleeping like a baby. She considered me so lucky that I can sleep at night!

That day I decided to go deep into this topic- Ayurvedic treatment for Insomnia

What things did you do that lead you to Sleeplessness?

Most of the parents do not even know that their children suffer from Insomnia. It would of course sound so unusual to them because they have only known that Insomnia is common by the age of 50-60.

Then why has sleep disorder become common among young individuals today?

One answer is Poor Sleeping habits!

The level of stress in this competitive world is there, but many times we are the cause.

Remember, the late-night chats, binge-watching series and movies? The time to go to bed at night when our parents were young was maybe 9 to 10 pm. The time slowly shifted to 11 pm or 12 am. But this time was only for our parents, you secretly were on your mobiles till 1-2-3 pm!! There was a time when you didn’t respect sleep and maybe, that’s why sleep doesn’t respect you anymore. ..

Many would say that “I binged watched series at night because I couldn’t sleep”. Instead, I think you did not let your mind feel the sensation of sleep. Well, this is a part of ‘adulting’ and what’s happened has happened.

This particular habit is called “Ratri-Jaagran” (staying awake at night) in Ayurveda. Staying awake at night increases Vata dosha and increased Vata dosha is responsible for lack of sleep. Again lack of sleep increases Vata and thus the person gets trapped in a vicious circle.

Causes of Insomnia:

Ayurveda states 4 causes of Insomnia

1. Being engrossed in a work that you love to do

Many think this to be a good sign, some love their work so much that they forget to sleep. Eventually, after some time this leads to less productivity.

2. Body clock

Vata dosha is dominant in old age, Pitta dosha in middle age, and Kapha dosha in children. Kapha is sleep-producing while Pitta and especially Vata are sleeping-disturbing. Hence, Children sleep for longer than adults while old age groups have sleepless nights.

3. Underlying disease

Sometimes, insomnia comes with a set of symptoms of some underlying pathological condition.

4. Prakriti (Natural state)

Some like Vata Prakriti people are born with short-sleep.

5. Vikruti (Pathology)

The most common cause is this, the vitiation of Vata and Pitta dosha.

It is observed that when Vata is vitiated, one cannot sleep. And when Pitta is vitiated, one has disturbed sleep, that is, they sleep but after some time they are awakened suddenly.

Not to mention, Stress is the most common causes of lack of sleep. But some people can sleep even in stress, then why only some people cannot sleep in stress? I think it is the inability of the mind to perform well in times of stress and hence instead of taking only sleep-inducing medicines, the medications for strengthening the mind should be given as a part of Ayurvedic treatment for Insomnia.

Ayurvedic Medicine for Sleep Disorder

There are many Ayurvedic medicine for sleep disorder but not all of these can be applied to the same person. Each person is different and hence, exactly which Ayurvedic medicine for insomnia should be given, the correct time and procedure to do it can only be told by an Ayurvedic doctor.

Following are all the suggested Ayurvedic medicine for sleep disorder told in Ayurveda. If you look closely, these are not just Ayurvedic sleeping pills, but they concentrate on improving the condition from the root.

1. Abhyanga (Oil Massage)- This helps to pacify the vitiated Vata dosha

2. Utsaadan (Rubbing of herbal powders over the body)- The rubbing action over the body and muscles is important here. Also, the richness of these ayurvedic herbs get absorbed through the skin and work on pacifying Pitta.

3. Bath daily

4. Aroma that is soothing to the senses.

Nowadays, at night the essential oils are subjected to heat in essential oil diffusers and the aroma of the volatile oils spreads in the room thus soothing the senses and inducing sleep. Tagar (Valeriana oil), Marua (Sweet Marjoram oil), Lavender oil is recommended in Aromatherapy for this purpose.

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5. Words and peaceful talks– The power of Words as the treatment for insomnia is unmatched. Talk. Talk with your friends and family, you never know who must be facing what. Sadness, anger, fear are the three very common reasons for insomnia and you can be a medicine to somebody suffering from it.

6. Tarpan– In this ayurvedic medicine for sleep, oil is poured over the eyelids and all this is enclosed in a fence made up of wheat flour. This is very soothing for the eyes.

7. Lepa on head and face- This is an Ayurvedic treatment for Insomnia wherein lepa, that is, a paste of relaxant herbs can be applied on the forehead. Nowadays, these are blended into ointments and massaged into the forehead

8. Comfortable bed– Bed plays a very important role in maintaining the right posture in sleep, Very foamy beds tend to sink down. Investing in a medium-firm bed is the right choice for sleep and to avoid spine-related problems.

9. Sleeping at the right time– Start practising this daily, let it become a habit.

To talk in terms of Insomnia, Ayurveda, and doshas, the chanchal guna (agility) of Vata increases. This can be combated by the Sthir guna (steadiness). Sthir is one of the qualities of oils. And hence oils enriched with herbs to pacify Vata and Pitta should be made available to the mind. The oils can be made available in these ways:

Shirodhara and Nasya

Shirodhara– The motion, which is soothing and stable gives the required effect to the brain. The feeling of slow and steadiness it has been craving for.

Nasya- With Nasya, this oil reaches the brain. Ayurveda says that nostrils are the doors to the brain and the effects of this have been magical.

Many people expect Ayurvedic sleeping pills while seeking Ayurvedic medicine for Insomnia. There are many medicines like Brahmi vati, Jatamansi churna, etc. but it is important to take them in the right way and at a right time.

Why will you suffer from insomnia if you apply all these Ayurvedic tips for good sleep?


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