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Ayureasy was started with a vigour to combine Ayurveda and technology, without compromising on the basic principles and originality of Ayurveda. It was born out of the need to spread the genuine knowledge of Ayurveda and put an end to the misguidance pondering around it.

At Ayureasy, we aim to provide health solutions according to Ayurveda and understandable by the common man. With the diligent efforts of Dr Rucha Sawant and Mr. Shailesh Sampat, Ayureasy took birth.

Dr Rucha Sawant

“During the recent years, the followers of Ayurveda have grown exponentially. It was actually a happy atmosphere for us Ayurveda doctors. But then, I came across many false posts and articles claiming to be the Ayurvedic remedies for diseases. Spreading the richness of Ayurveda in its original form was the need of the hour. Combining my knack for writing, knowledge of Ayurveda and the technical mind of Shailesh, Ayureasy was finally launched.

I am currently pursuing MD(Ayurveda) after completing Bachelors of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS). Each article on this website is written by me from scratch by combining references from the Ayurvedic classical texts, knowledge I got from my teachers and my own experience.”

Mr Shailesh Sampat

“Often, I would read articles or information regarding Ayurveda on social media and ask Dr Rucha to validate them. Very often, she would be shocked, angry and depressed to read incorrect or any random thing being told under the banner of Ayurveda. She felt the necessity to spread the right wisdom that her profession has taught her. This is when my tech-savvy mind came up with the thought of launching ‘Ayureasy’, the one stop destination for all the Ayurvedic solutions.”

Looking at the worsening health conditions, the target age group of diseases now shifting to younger people, it is time to go back and rest our cases in the hands of traditional intelligence and Ayureasy is your way out.